Chasing the Shadeglass

Welcome to my first Blog entry. I’m chasing Shadeglass and wanted to write a blog about it. However, be warned reader, today was not my day!

Me and my good friend Al hit the road at 8am this morning to go to the Firestorm Cards shop in Basingstoke. According to FB there were 24 players interested and 3 going to this glassware event. I was taking my aggro objectives Thorns and Al a hybrid Skaven deck. With a few tourneys behind us and Al having already got some glass, we were looking for a day of gaming, sociability and a prize made of glass.

Not quite how it all worked out.

The 1.5 hour drive was fine. We chatted and planned our strategies. Arriving a full hour and a half before we needed and finding the shop closed, we drove back into Basingstoke town for a coffee and one last tactics discussion / social catch up before we entered the frey. I had been fretting (analysis paralysis) about including “No time” in my deck to counter Earthquake and the like and Al was on the fence about it. I eventually decided against it and we headed back to find the shop open! We climbed the staircase, strewn with opened boxes of various games to find another three players ready and waiting…..and we still had half an hour to go!

Big shout out to Dave, Andy and Rob….our only competition for the day as no-one else showed. This meant NO glassware, an odd number of players and that horrible knowledge that you are going to end up paying to play your mate AGAIN, as me and AL always seem to get drawn together in these events.

To top it all, there was no TO! Thankfully a staff member (Sorry, I didn’t catch your name) stepped up and we got our warbands, boards and cards ready. But someone was going to have to take a Bye…guess who? Well, I enjoyed the rest after my long drive and watched EOT9 Vs Thorns and Skelliebobs VS Skaven. Good games.

Round 2 – Skaven VS Thorns

Me and AL sat down to play, both quietly cursing the fact we ended up against each other. We both know our decks and play-styles fairly well, although Al likes to shake his deck up more than me (why fix something that’s not broken?)

I drew well at the start and managed to score quickly with advancing strike and treacherous foe. AL didn’t really get going and I took the game comfortably. Second game, my dice hated me. Thorns are a great warband, but the use of evades and swords can really be painful. He won this one and we ran out of time for a third decider. I was ahead by 2 glory.

In fact all of the games played ended up as 1-1 with no time for a third decider barring one that was won 2-0. No one played a third game! 1hr 15mins was never enough time, which seemed a tad weird. 

Last round..My last round was against Andy and we drew 1-1 with a no glory difference. We both played well but the dice again were fickle for us both.

Oh yeah…and Al got the Bye.

So a 3hr round trip to play 2 games, one against my regular Monday foe! That sucked big ones! 

However (and this is the most important bit), we all had a good time. The guys were friendly and we had a bunch of laughs. AL came 4th, I came 2nd and we all picked up deck boxes, alt cards and alt orc / skellie cards and counters, so it wasn’t all in vain.

What did I learn? 

  1. Check the start time before you leave.
  2. “interested” on an event page does NOT mean people will attend
  3. Its the players that make an event fun

Next week I’m going solo to Southampton – Musket-balls games. I see John Reese is attending, maybe Ill get some tips from him! Ill let you know how I do.

The Gloryless Bastard


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