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Thanks for the mike drop GW. No really , i mean it!

Great Concussion ….Gone!

Quick Thinker…. Gone!

Time Trap….Gone!

And a plethora of cards… Restricted!!

Ill be honest, when GW dropped the bombshell on banned and restricted cards i was mightily miffed. How dare they remove or restrict the staple cards from so many of my decks! (16 cards were affected in my Thorns deck alone!) I was silently outraged! But why silently?

I’m not someone who is afraid to speak their mind. But as i scrolled through the pages of FB looking for the uproar and ready with pitchfork in hand to join the lynch mob of disgruntled players,, there was an audible silence. A couple of voices spoke of their disappointment. One even put his entire collection of war bands up for sale within a few hours, but the vast majority of players were happy! And they weren’t silent.


Speaking with my games buddies, i again expected some anger. But no.  “it’ll be good for the game” they said. “it’ll make it more interesting” they said. “variety is the spice of life” no one said  (but it was implied a lot!).

And all of them were right.

26 cards restricted. You can only take 5 of these in your deck. To make it even more complex, these 5 cards are split between Objectives, Gambits and upgrades. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

The full restricted list is shown below

Restricted List.png

Ill be looking into these in more depth in another entry, but until then……

Keep hunting that Glory!

The Gloryless Bastard


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